Monday 2 October 2023
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Why beginners should play online poker first

Why beginners should play online poker first

If interested in poker, should you start online or offline? It is a question that is quite interesting. It is recommended that, as a beginner, you should start with online poker before going live. The following are some of the reasons why should do so:

It is possible to take your beatings to the cheap

Unless you are the type who is natural, poker is not going to come easy to you. You will need to work extra hard to gain enough experience before you become a solid poker player. That is why you need to start playing it online. Most of the poker sites online do offer freerolls where you will have an opportunity of learning how to play without the need to risk your money and, at the same time, with some few bucks.

Each poker site does offer micro stakes games, and thus, it is recommended you don’t just concentrate on the freerolls. But there is no need to make a massive deposit or have a massive bankroll to start online. In brick and mortar rooms for poker, you will require more money to buy into the game than online. It is okay if you have the money. But if not, then going for online poker might be better and much affordable as you start.

Play several hands per hour

You have to gain experience before you start thinking of making money. Apart from being cheaper to play online as a beginner, seeing several hands in a single hour is possible. Online poker players are dealt about five times as several hands per hour, per each game played. Once you start to multi-tab, you will see several hands per hour.

It is hard to control the speed the live dealer can deal the cards. Some dealers are super slow, making it to be a frustrating experience. It ends up hurting your hourly wage with a slow dealer if you are a player who is winning. That is not something that will happen online because the cards are dealt and shuffled automatically.

Hide the poker face behind a computer

Are there times that you have felt that there is no need to play poker because you don’t happen to have a good poker face? If you are not good at hiding emotions, playing poker in a casino is not a smart idea. But no one is going to see your face when you play online.