How your facials can help you win big in online poker


You have been playing poker for a while but with little success; could be you’re even getting bored nd contemplating abandoning it. It’s time you tried new strategies that will take you to another level. You now must begging to work on perfecting your poker face, identifying the right hands, and getting right the nuances of poker position. With excellent skills, the whole game becomes satisfying and a source of joy for you even as you earn big.

Read the following tips and see how you could become a pro in poker

Perfect your poker face

Poker is a game where the non-verbal speak loudly and determine whether you’ll win the game or not. While facing your opponent, relax your face and remain calm. Ensure that the movement of your face is not consistent with your moves. Yes, it can be exciting especially when you have good hands but you should make sure you don’t tell it through smiles and frowns. Always, wear a face that won’t give your opponents an idea of your hand. A good site like 918kiss gives you more tips on using your face to deceive the opponents and win big.

Conceal your eye movement

wearing sunglasses is one of the perfect ways of ensuring that your opponents don’t  read your face. Here, the poker face is firmly maintained. however, wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean that you can let loose your face. Ensure that your eyes are as still as possible so that your movements don’t give away your emotions.

Smiles are deceiving

Smiling is one of the tactics that can throw off-balance your opponents. Try relaxing and be as easy going as possible; that can be so deceptive and thus make it easy to win over your opponents. Acting easy also encourages the opponents to fold prematurely and therefore you can take advantage of such.

Be conscious of the body language

Fidgeting, nail biting and such nervous tics can easily reveal your emotions to the opponents, giving them an advantage. Be still and remain calm so that you throw them off. If you find this hard, you can bring with you a stress ball and constantly squeeze it.  That will help you keep the movement of your hands and body controlled.

Get a video of you playing

When playing a real game, record it- have the camera placed in a place where you wont even remember while playing. This will help you pick some problematic tics. Afterwards, you can play back the the video as you pick the emotional tells. Get a genuine friend and a poker pro to help you analyze the video and see where you can make corrections for perfection.

Be consistent

Whether you are playing the worst hand ever or you are at your best, keep it cool. Remain composed and maintain the face all through. When playing online poker, choose a reliable agent 918kiss Malaysia site that will help with the best poker tips.

Your face tells it all; thus you must be careful how you behave and the message you want to send to your opponents. Keep the movement of your eyes and the face as deceiving as possible.

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