Follow These Guidelines Before Playing Online Poker Game in your Country


It is said that even Gods enjoyed gambling but one cannot prove without evidence. However, we have evidence provided by archaeologists that says even Romans have enjoyed dice games which was kind of gambling. Even high profile Roman figures had many gambling debts that they had to pay off later on. It is also said that Greeks also played this game but it was banned later as they did not have self control like Romans.

People earlier gathered at one place to play card games and they included money as the winning game. This addiction later was transformed and made legal in many places which are now called as casino. Las Vegas where nightlife is common, people start their night with gambling and drinks in casinos. Cards are not the only way of gambling but there are many other games that are involved which make you addicted to it.

When companies saw people’s addiction towards gambling, they started games online to keep everyone involved all around the world. DominoQQ and Domino99 is worldwide famous but, there is one more game that is much in demand in Indonesia. BandarQ online gaming site was started in Indonesia by an old person who was fan of DominoQQ game. However, this online game is restricted to Indonesia. Another game that is worldwide famous but not only in Indonesia is poker.

Since 2000, this game has taken over minds over internet in various countries. When Americans were playing it manually with cards, then some companies started this game online where people can play with actual money. This online game was famous in Texas under the name of Hold’em poker which could be played with many facebook account holders.

Here are some guidelines to play this game –

  • There are various types of poker games played online you can either select the one that is played with money or just for fun.
  • To play this game you should be legally 18 years old and you cannot bluff because there will be a check done to verify. After downloading the software on your computer or laptop, you need to create a users account.
  • Before the game starts, you buy chips online in the game and the one who loses all the chips is out of the game. This means the winner has maximum chips.

  • It is difficult to determine the best sites to play this game, if you go for bigger sites, you will have plenty of players on one table and smaller sites have fewer players.
  • Before you start participating in the game, get a hold of all the rules and strategies involved in it.

Not all online poker games are allowed in all countries. Therefore, when you select any game, simply find if they are legally allowed in your country.

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