5 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Real Money While Placing Bets on Live Casino Games


Can we implement tricks and tips to win more money?

All games’ results on authorized gambling sites are determined by a random number generator. This implies that you cannot “hack the system” or somehow change the algorithms. Only when a game necessitates some level of mental work, like online blackjack, can you develop an ideal strategy for it. You still can’t completely control the game, though. The deck of cards you are dealt is entirely a matter of chance.

Here are some useful tips and tricks provided that you can use in your live casino betting experience:

1.     Only select those sites that are verified and licensed:

There are several reputable licensed casinos in India. They don’t require a local license to be able to conduct business legally here. Most trustworthy online casinos obtain their licenses in offshore jurisdictions like Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar. They are allowed to work internationally because of this. Numerous casinos work along with unbiased agencies that examine gaming proposals.

You can be confident that all of the games on such platforms operate in accordance with their original algorithms when you play there. You’ll have reasonable odds of winning in a casino that has a license. The system will promptly and honestly pay you the award.

2.     Learning the rules is an important part of the game:

Sometimes people lose because they are unaware of the live casino game’s rules. Or they pretend to know it while participating in a particular game. Here are a few illustrations of typical errors.

  • Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo are not the same things (these are two kinds of poker).
  • The house edges for American and French roulette are different.

You should not jump from one game to another too rapidly if you are a beginner. Allow yourself ample time to learn the guidelines by heart.

3.     Always look for casino promotions:

Most likely, a casino will offer you a welcome bonus when you sign up. Match bonuses are the most popular kind of welcome gift. You receive additional funds when you top off your account in a set amount, which you may use to place bets.

Other reload bonuses will be available to you later. For instance, you can receive bonus money if you top off your deposit with a specific amount on a specific day of the week using a specific payment method.

You can get weekly cashback for playing live casino games as part of the loyalty program. Your cashback ratio increases in direct proportion to your level within the program. The majority of online bookmakers provide a bonus scheme and a loyalty program. Please read the terms and conditions of an offer carefully before deciding to accept it. Certain incentives are available for casino entertainment. Others are exclusive to slot machines or casino games.

4.     Always put a limit to the money:

Use only the money which you can afford to lose. Never risk your last bit of money. Never take out a loan to play at an online live casino.

Many contemporary platforms let users establish spending restrictions. You determine how much money you have available each day, each week, and each month. When you hit this threshold, the system will stop letting you place bets. You can resume gambling after the time period indicated has passed.

The best way to avoid developing a gambling addiction is to keep your spending under control. Naturally, it also aids in your ability to limit excessive losses.

There is some way in which you can make it even easier. Self-exclusion is a decent substitute for restrictions. It denotes a player’s account being temporarily suspended. Either through their profiles or with assistance from the administration, they can accomplish it. Your account won’t be deactivated once you self-exclude. Once your self-exclusion time is finished, you can access it using your regular login and password. You won’t be able to open a brand-new account in the system during this time. Additionally, asking the administration to end your self-exclusion time early is pointless since they won’t.

5.     Maintain a high-speed internet facility:

Live casino games were first only offered in the desktop version. They could only be launched by players with a dependable, quick Internet connection. These days, many individuals use their smartphones and tablets for this kind of entertainment. You should review a game’s technical specifications before launching it. You must be certain that your gambling session won’t freeze or end too soon.


The trend of online betting in India is on a heavy push, and It is nearly next to impossible to make such a strategy or plan which will make you win it 100%. But to maximize your odds of winning, you must use such tips and tricks, which we have mentioned above in the article—select games which have high RTO and always focus on learning new skill sets. Control your money and hope to be lucky!

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